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Currently: Set Design Associate on 'Twelfth Night' at Regent's Open Air Theatre

•2023 Linbury Prize Receipient •

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• Screenskills Award for Best Production Designer 2023 •

into creating spaces
         & provoking stories

I believe that every design process starts with a story that needs to be studied carefully. Either if it is a storyline written in a drama book or a story of a public courtyard that needs to be discovered. As a designer, I always look deep into the relationship between the space and people who inhabit it. Their actions and dynamics of the space determine my design decisions.

Performance design is more than decorating a space. Focusing on creating environments that provoke unfamiliar experiences results in creating performances that resonate and affects everyone.

I enjoy working with other creatives as the best designs are born on the canvas

of exchange of ideas coming from various backgrounds.
I would love to become a part of immersive experiences productions and
re-imaginations of classic works within the context of modern issues.

Born and raised in Poland, I had numerous opportunities to travel abroad
which I believe  lead me to the place where I am now. For many years, I have divided my life between Poland, UK and Switzerland. My bachelor's degree in Interior
and Spatial Design provided me with an architectural background that I try to bring into the world of performance. I am now on masters Design for Performance:
Set and Costume design course which I hope to allow me to work
in performance industry in near future.

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