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2019 short movie

 • directing : Gabriela Chęclewska, Ola Kłos • set & costume supervisor: Ola Kłos • cinematography : Bartosz Jakusz • film editing: Gabriela Chęclewska •


This short movie was created to be screened in between scenes of Hamlet production.

This series of short videoclips filmed in numerous rooms and corners of L'art Studio* showed the Ghost of Hamlet's Father haunting the kingdom's property.

It was a blend of oneiric dance and intriguing close-ups to stress the new and unexpected  presence of the Ghost of King Hamlet.

khl;kjh 72.png

For this production I had input into directing, choosing sites for filming, creating story boards as well as sourcing costume and working on make up for the Ghost. 


Ghost make up

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