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render 2 tlum z czlowiekiem 1
render 5 czerwien grafikaFB z czlowiekiem2
render 6 self illum czerw
render 3 tlum czlowiekiem2
render 4 tlum mieszany z czerwienia z czlowiekem 1



2017 conceptual project for Radiohead tour

This conceptual project was focused on designing a set for Radiohead concert tour that could be easily put into five lorries and (re)assembled on a stage quickly.

Inspired by the band's music, videoclips, posts on social media accounts, the design is based on a sketch of crowd. The geometric shape with digital media displayed onto it can evoke various associations for the audience.

rdhd2b 72.png
for1 72.png
rdhd1b 72.png
S22BW-420011515522-1 72.png
S22BW-420011515520 72.png
rdhd3 72.png
S22BW-420011515521-1 72.png
S22BW-420011515540 72.png
S22BW-420011515552 72.png
S22BW-420011515550 72.png

Initial sketches  made while listening to Radiohead's songs.


Initial maquette: working on potential shapes and dynamic.

1b czarne tlo.png

White card model of the final design

Two separate constructions are designed to be placed on the stage - a four steps platform and a screen in the shape of a crowd with cuboids built onto it. 

Graphics and animations could be displayed onto the crowd-inspired construction. The cuboids are self-illuminating and moveable. They would be perpendicular to the wall at the begging of each concert and then fall down progressively.

Elevation drawings of the stage.

Figure of Thom Yorke accessed from

fajne 4.jpg
fajne 3.jpg

Different graphics and animations could be displayed on the construction throughout the show.

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