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La Rondine, ACT I
La Rondine, final scene
La Rondine, final scene
La Rondine, ACTI
La Rondine, ACT III
La Rondine, ACT III
La Rondine, ACT III


2021 • conceptual design

The action of La Rondine takes place in Western Europe back in the 1960’s.

In the centre of one of the film studios run by a wealthy man the lives of uprising movie stars gain momentum and are enriched with secrets. Relationships are put to the test as action takes unexpected turns.

background characters 4_edited.png
RAMBALDO NEW 72 080522.png
Lisette_party 72.png
PRUNIER PARTY 72_edited_edited.png
MAGDA BEachand set 72.png

Lisette, Ruggero, Magda, Rambaldo, Prunier


1960's shapes inspiration drawing

 La Rondine opens the doors into the fun world of the 1960’s. Psychedelic patterns and colorful shapes are part of the design. Viewers are firstly introduced into an old film studio where a large group of people is working on a production. When the work is over, a gate to the world of parties, breaking conventions, love, drugs and intrigue are opened.  

The choices of main characters reveals secrets and lead to more questions about their true intentions and desires.

Moment drawings

These drawings were created after talking to the director about the possible environments present in the story line, while reading the text for one of the first times.

Hand drawn and photoshopped.

GENERAL_ACTIB poprawione 0905 72.png

Set proposal hand-free drawings

- Discovering film studio potential -

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