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2022 Finborough Theatre, London, UK

• playwright: Natal’ya Vorozhbit • director: Svetlana Dimcovic 

• performed by Alan Cox, Issy Knowles, Amanda Ryan 

• creative team : set & costume design: Ola Kłos • lighting design: Peter Harrison •

• video design : Arik Weissman • sound design : Duncan F Brown •

• stage manager for both shows: Rebecca Julia Jones •

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Photos of the space

 Take The Rubbish Out, Sasha The bereaved widow and daughter mourn for Sasha, a Colonel in the Ukrainian Army, who has dropped down dead suddenly of heart failure.  As war intensifies, a year after his death, the army has resorted to recruiting soldiers who are dead. Sasha is anxious to join his country’s fight, and ready to be resurrected, but his family are reluctant to bury him again. A family argument ensues, should Sasha volunteer again...

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