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• playwright: Nada Nezhdana • director: Polly Creed •

• performed by Kristin Milward •

2022 & 2023 Finborough Theatre  London, UK click here for tickets

2022  ProEnglish Theatre Hub  Kyiv, Ukraine

2023  Hessisches Staatstheater  Wiesbaden, Germany click here for tickets

• creative team: set & costume design: Ola Kłos •

lighting design 2022 : Peter Harrison • lighting design 2023 : Jonathan Chan •

• stage manager 2022: Rebecca Julia Jones • stage manager 2023: Anastasia Bunce •

• pictures above by Charles Flint • pictures below by Ashley 

IMG_4569 72.png

 Pussycat in Memory of Darkness  Donbas, 2014. A nameless woman stands in the street. Wearing a pair of dark black sunglasses, she tries to sell a basket of kittens. She has lost everything else she holds dear: her home, her family, her hope. 

Russia has taken over Crimea and stirred up ongoing violence in her beloved homeland of Donbas. Betrayed by her neighbour and brutalised by Russian-backed militia, her hope has waned for humanity.

concept drawing white 72DPI.png

Ola Klos’ stark, ashy white set provides an elegant backdrop to Milward’s monologue – allowing the vivid projections of real photographs of the devastation in Kyiv and the colours of the Ukrainian flag to stand out defiantly. 

review by West End Best Friend

click here to read in full

Very imaginative design, again in white is by Ola Klos, assisted by the subtle yet imaginative lighting of Jonathan Chan, which includes video images of the people of Ukraine and their devastated country which help bring the story to life.

review by LondonTheatre1

click here to read in full

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