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Showroom, 2016
Showroom, 2016
Showroom, 2016


2016 • London, UK • conceptual design

SHOWROOM is a not-for-profit art gallery located in the heart of Marylebone, London.

The goal of this project was to adapt this space in a suitable way to its environment. The conducted research stressed the need of a space where the community could meet and create. This proposal embraces the concept of a multifunctional space which attracts people with the events happening inside.


Photos taken during site visit.

Model made in order to show materials and spacing of the proposal.

The idea was to use unusual materials in order to attract people in while we live in the era of Facebook and Instagram aesthetics.

Showroom interiors would be adaptable for several functions.  The auditorium  located on the ground level could be used for talks, meetings, performances or exhibitions. It  would accommodate a small stage and chairs that could be easily taken away and stored in upstairs storage room. The design compromises also a backstage area as well as a foyer with a public toilet on the ground level. Moving to the first floor, an office, kichinette and open space could be found  and used in different ways by the community.

Visuals made in 3Ds Max Studio.

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